A captivating puzzle platformer.

You are Stuffo, a pixely bot that solves puzzles by stuffing blocks and other stuff around!

Under development. Release details to be announced.

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Antti Tiihonen

About Hapatus

Hapatus Ltd. is the outlet for solo video game projects and freelancing work by Antti Tiihonen.

Hello, I'm Antti!

I'm a Finnish indie game developer and a freelancer who likes to work in multiple creative roles, preferably all at once.

I'm one of the co-founders of Almost Human, the studio behind Legend of Grimrock, the indie hit series of old school RPGs. I also run Hapatus Ltd. for my solo video game projects and other miscellaneous creative work, as well as the occasional freelancing gig. I've worked as a professional game developer since 2002 and my core expertise is in game and level design, 2D/3D graphics, electronic music and sound effects.

The name Hapatus is Finnish although it's rarely used. It can mean leavening or acidifying something. It can also mean something along the lines of nonsense or folly. In this context it's most commonly encountered in proverbs such as "länsimaista hapatusta" - "Western world nonsense".